People For Pets

The Rescue Group for Homeless Pets

The Sixth Cat Colony

This colony has at least ten cats. We neutered five. A small Kitty, Pupy, Sonia, Willie and Ginger. There are two pregnant cats we are trying to trap.

The backyard.

A stray cat visiting.
 And the visitor leaving.  Sonia and Willie being released.
Willie playing. Willie is a very friendly cat which could be adopted.
Willie relaxing. Willie and a black and white cat which is pregnant now. She was poisoned in May 2008. We were in the process of trying to neuter her. Our favorite female in the lot.
In their backyard. The small gray kitten.
And yet another winter.
Ginger had four kittens. Only one survived and someone stole it from the yard. Ginger was adopted through ASPCA. Kitty stays in the shop next door.
Everyone in for dinner. Willie, Sonia and Ginger. In October Sonia was found dead. We suspect poisoning.
Two strays appear at the lot. Blanket and Bobby. They were removed and adopted through ASPCA on December 29, just before the cold spell and the snow.


Willie died today January 7th. We saw him just the day before. We suspect poisoning. Pupy is alone in the yard. We need to remove her.

The shelter has been moved inside of the garden. The lot will be used for construction soon.


The garden is now gone so are the cats, the new building is standing.