People For Pets

The Rescue Group for Homeless Pets

The Seventh Cat Colony

A city lot ready for construction. A countless number of cats call this lot home.

We are trying to negotiate with the city to be able to enter the lot to trap, neuter and relocate them to a safe location. The construction may start soon.

Finally in August, after months of negotiating we got the OK from the HPD to enter the lot and provide TNR. We borrowed traps from the ASPCA and started on August 8th. The ASPCA mobile truck came on the 13th and the cats were released on August 17th. We neutered 12 from the 15 we could see.

We set up a tent as a holding space.

Suzy, gave birth while in a trap. We fostered her but all of her babys died and we did not succeed in socializing her. Eventually she was released back.

We tried to relocate them to another empty lot. We set up a feeding station in the new location but because the lot was not secured, all the cats returned to the old lot.

Being released in a new location.

It's a wrap!

The new construction is standing.

The cats live now behind the new construction and a Green Thumb Garden.

Susy being released.