People For Pets

The Rescue Group for Homeless Pets

The Tenth Cat Colony

We have about 30 cats in two locations, Green Thumb and a church yard, on the same street. We have access to the yard where we set up feeding station and a few a small shelters. Cipky, Milly and Patches have been spayed. They all had kittens even though they were kittens themselves, only five months old. Cipky had one kitten which was killed, Milly's kittens probably died, they never came out. She was friendly and adopted. Patches had two kittens which separated from mom, and we see them only occasionally. They must be neutered before they mature. Our daily visitors are several boys, we neutered one. We are negotiationg access to the Green Thumb Garden to be able to neuter the rest of the cats. It is very difficult, the gardeners are uninterested to help the homeless pets and the city has not helped.

UPDATE - 2013

Most cats are gone, we have only occasional visitors for dinner. Ruby, Cipky and Snow are gone.

UPDATE - 2015

Milly who was adopted from this lot had died, she had leukemia and lived as long as she could. She died suddenly. We miss her.